We aim to provide the best possible service at a great price, our Management rates reflect a typical sized home,  you will only ever be charged for service provided. We DO NOT charge for preventative/possible maintenance, you will never see uneccessary charges on your invoice. We really do make every effort to consult our owners before spending any of their money, as we know from our own past experiance how it feels to receive an invoice packed with unexpected fees and charges. Non the less we want your Guests to be impressed, as we all know this is what makes them come back time after time, so we will take care of day to day things like face clothes, lightbulbs and minor repairs without bothering you......
-Management Srevice with 24/7 Eemergency service 
        $120 per month-Internal Pest control service$25 per month-Pool & Spa carefrom $85-Landscaping / Lawn Care $100 per month
-Property cleaning 
        fee comence from $60 for a 2 bedroom condo and cater to 8 bed pool
        homes with 6 bathrooms 
       For a comoprehensive lisiting of our fees please make contact with 
       the TEAM at the office and we will forward the information to you and
       assist you with any questions you may have
All cleans include a Complementary Welcome pack 
                                                Call: 1 (407) 256-0960

To help our Owners reduce their monthly expenses we simply run our business cost efficient. Our staff are local and mobile - so there is no need for an large office, this way we can prioritise the care of your Home and  Guests!
Because we are always in your area during office hours we can be at any of our Home within 10 minutes from receving a phone call or email direct to our vans.