Who are we?
We originally owned vacation homes in the Formosa Gardens Estates area and  found it increasingly difficult to find the type of Managament Company we wanted, Yes there were many to choose from, but either they charged waytoo much for their basic services or offered poor service - or usualy as  we found both.
We decided to move to Florida and over time fellow Owners decided to put thier trust in us to take care of their homes for them. We have now been here for nearly 5 years and have a very happy group of Owners.
We pride ourselves on taking excellent care of our homes and of course our Guests, making them feel at home from the instant they step through the doors.  We will do our best to accommodate your needs in any way possible, as we like to think of each and treat every home as if it were our own.
We have a wonderful Team of staff that really understands our goals. They know we have high standards and to ensure your Guests want to return, they know we have to offer more than just a clean house!
                                                           Call: 1 (407) 256-0960