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                                                       Call: 1 (407) 256-0960
Our Company offers such a wonderful selection of services to our Home Owners, we really can cater to all of your needs. Whether you are a Home Owner that intends to rent to Guests for short term vacation rentals, or you  intend your home to be soley enjoyed by your family.
We are conveniently based in the heart of the rental home community (near the Disney Theam Parks) making our staff available when they are needed the mostand to this end we offer our Guests and Home Owners exceptional and personalized service.  Please review our existing communities pages for a full break down of areas we already work in, but should you location not be represented there please contact us to discusse your locationas we are constanlty adding to this list.
We hope that a stay in one of our vacation homes will evoke both luxury and style and leave guests wanting to return. We know that traveling can be stressful at times and our goal is to make your home a memorable and comfortable one once they have arrived - as this is the start of their vacation.
We have now added a full vaction booking service to the Core's activities which can be reveiw at      www.BookDisneyVillasDirect.com     and membership is for Onwers with Management with the Core Prperty Team
Thank You - Core Property Team